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The education sector also hit during this pandemic time when almost all the sectors reports either zero or negative growth. In these tough times, the demand for online or automation increased a lot. With people are suffering from their loss due to pandemic, at least we should thanks to technology that will come as a savior to education sector. To overcome the darkness of pandemic, online learning comes as a boon to spread the light of knowledge across all individuals or groups which clearly send a message that learning or skills development should never be stopped. The sector evolved and aligned itself with the new technologies through increased use of tutoring apps, online teaching platforms, and classroom management software.
Gaura Softwares introduces Academixx, one such platform which can be used by individual teachers or coaching institutes to reach to their students. The platform is very handy and has following features :
1) Class Or Batch Wise Allocations – Students can be assigned to batches and all batches have different course content
2) Purchase Courses Offline or Online – It has an option to buy course either in offline mode or online mode. The offline batches as well can be assigned online classes, doubt sessions, videos and test series.
3) Live Classes – The platform is connected with Zoom API that let teacher to create live class which will be assigned to an individual batch and only those student can join the classes directly from Academixx instead of going to 3rd party app.
4) Videos – The tutor can upload video lectures as well. The app is well linked with Vimeo, Youtube and other streaming servers. The tutor can either opt for youtube to upload specific videos and that can be assigned topic wise to the groups as well.
5) Test Series – Acedemixx has well versed online test platform that can be used to take individual test or group test. Once student attempt the tests, their percentile will be calculated based on the class performance. The students can review the test summary with correct answers, their marked answers and explanation. Test questions can be image, video based and MCQs.
Academixx is well versed platform that is very economical and can be very helpful to the teachers who are looking to start their classes in this pandemic time and not sure from where to start.

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